Remember that you are special.....Just like everyone else.

IT would be easy to dismiss the phenomenon of psychedelic healing if it weren't for one simple fact:                                                                     Psychedelics actually work.

Due to the deep and personal nature of this type of journey work, past participants have requested that we do not use their names on the internet.  The following are just a handful of the hundreds of comments and feedback that we consistently receive.   If you would like to speak with past participants regarding our ceremonies, we will be happy to connect you with those who have given us permission to be contacted.

I had been to about 15 Ayahuasca ceremonies before I found Urban Icaros and the 2 nights with you have been, by far, the most profound experiences I have had.  Thank you sooooo much.  So many lessons.  I'm still processing and even had a visitation last night in my dreams.  

I had been having serious thoughts of suicide during this past year and while I was in your ceremony, I saw the impact it would have on my family if I carried it out.  I saw how hurt and sad they would be and especially how it would affect my little sister who looks up to me and who I love so much.  It really woke me up and showed me that suicide was not the answer.  I don't really know what is just yet and I know I have a lot of work to do on myself, but now I feel stronger and more ready to face life.

I saw how my alcoholism has impacted my life in so many negative ways and although I have been to AA and other programs to help, the 2 nights of ceremony showed me in no uncertain terms, the damage I had caused to myself and to others over the years because of my refusal to stop drinking.  This experience has really added to my resolve to stop once and for all.  I haven't even had the desire to drink since I sat in ceremony and I hope this carries me through to total sobriety.....thank you so much ..it was incredibly humbling and an important experience for me to go through.

I woke up the next morning and my desire for smoking cigarettes went completely away and several weeks post ceremony, I still haven't smoked.  A habit that I have been trying for years to leave behind, was gone in two nights of ceremonies!!

Your singing absolutely blew me away, it goes beyond beautiful and I swear that I heard a choir of angels singing with you, it was really trippy!!  You brought this incredible, divine light into the ceremony space and held it for everyone and I saw the healing light and sound washing over the room, wow!!

Thank you so much you and B**** were rock solid and amazing!!  Can't wait to return!!

I really just wanted to say thank you! You and ***** are amazing and I am forever grateful to you both! My life, and my outlook on life have completely changed since my use of this beautiful medicine. My self-hatred and feelings of inadequacy have always been something that has shaped me as a person. But the medicine has showed me how truly beautiful all life is, and the words that you spoke over me, shook me to my core, and showed me that my life specifically is also beautiful... And worth living.  And again, thank you. I am very blessed that you have decided to facilitate this medicine. And please tell ***** "thank you" for me. He was an amazing rock that grounded me, helped me feel safe, and all of his physical assistance is appreciated. I’ve learned a lot from this experience.






Thanks for being the light of my world <3 Out of all the things i have manifested for myself over the last 4 years, gravitating towards your center and participating in your vision has been the most profound for my growth and healing and I thank the universe every day for it. The sacred feminine is in it's own way a sacred journey, a hidden gem in our society and I always seek in it wisdom, love, compassion and nurturing spirit. You are the rarest because you truly embody all of those qualities and more. The world is infinitely blessed because you are in it; of that I am certain ;) I'll let you know when I'm ready for another ceremony, I'm thinking 4 weeks from now :)   - Keep shining that bomb light and tearing shit up <3  


To everyone else reading this email I love you all and I truly look forward to keeping in touch and building a support system for our spiritual growth. I have a feeling we all have something unique and amazing to offer each other and I want you all to feel free to hit me up whenever for whatever. Lets help each other create the best vision for ourselves that we can :)  

As a healer and facilitator you were absolutely brilliant in providing the steps and ingredients of the ceremony!! It was a perfect experience for my first interaction with the madre.  I felt/noticed more than a few times during the night that you brought amazing artistic life to the experience, much like a great conductor makes music really sing!  I can tell you read the energy of the room and tailored everything to exactly what is needed!!  A few songs in-particular when the madre was showing me perfect love, perfect happiness, I noticed the music.......(this is where your artistic talent shined) you enhanced it exponentially!!!!! It really prolonged and heightened what I was feeling!! I felt like you were manipulating/crafting it just for the fun/love/happiness of it!!! It showed me that it’s not all insight, or understanding but actually ——>A FUN<——— experience.   I hope that you continue to see yourself as an artist and more than look forward to the next ceremony!!!!


I’m continuing to unwrap and filter out what happened. I noticed yesterday I was having trouble remembering everting. I want not to forget anything!!!! I’m journaling, and meditating on everything to continue to integrate what I’ve learned.  


Tell Bryan hello and thanks again for his part!!! 


Much love and blessing to you both!!

I had sustained many years of sexual abuse from my father and had allowed it to deeply damage my life.  Working with this medicine and sitting in ceremony with you and your angelic healing singing voice, along with the support and kindness of the others in the circle, I was able to finally find a place to start with my forgiveness process and to understand the human frailty of my father and the sexual abuse that he too had suffered as a child.  It is a long healing process for me, but with this assistance, I feel myself getting unstuck and letting go of deep hatred, pain and fear.  I fee like I can now move forward with love and forgiveness, especially for myself......thank you so much...you are doing incredible and much needed work......

I consider myself a very cynical and jaded person and I was very skeptical about the efficacy of this type of ceremony.....and then I sat in your ceremony...I don't even really know what happened and it defies all rational explanation.  I went very deep and was shown my life review and wasn't at all happy with it.  However, I was also shown how I could change my behavior and actions as I move forward in life, how I could make conscious choices that would lead to positive outcomes and I have made the commitment to myself to do just that.  I cannot thank you enough, your voice was amazing and when I got lost in the medicine, At one point, I clearly heard you say "Follow my voice" and you sang me back into the land of the living and out of the terrifying place I had found myself in.  I don't know what to say except that your shining light, strength and unwavering integrity has inspired me to move in life with greater confidence and less cynicism.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you and B**** who saw us all through this most astonishing ceremony.

This was another powerful ceremony for me. I seen now that not only do they build upon each other, night after night, but ceremony upon ceremony.  The power of sisterhood was undeniable.  I continue to attend to matters of the heart as my very healthy body has come up with a few tricks of its own to force me to stop my normal work/class routine and take further reflection.  While on the second night of my journey, I saw the agreement/partnership) you and S had made (from a much different energetic field) to help clear her from the darkness of her ancestry.  I saw how you walked right into her darkness and sang the light into her ancestral wounds and the energy that you were bringing in showed her where to heal and I saw how she was the one to clear it.  Almost like the duty of royalty. I see now, that the night before I was observed by the unseen, to see if I was indeed the suspected match to clear the energy onward after its release, as you and T**** provided the love that S, and the others needed to move through the binds that chained her, them. It was a lot, then I connected to the healing power of Gaia.  I was assisting the collective purge to move through, specifically S, I now see it is time to finish releasing and forgiving my own, hence the "surprise" physical symptoms that prevent from doing almost anything but journal, meditate, stretch, reflect, repeat for the last few days. maybe 10?  During this tender time for me, I am grateful for the process, as I am witnessing the breaking down of my old paradigms, so that I may declare my truth boldly and powerfully; I am a Spiritual Leader and Teacher.

I just cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to sit with you and The Mother.  There are simply no words to convey the depth of my sincere gratitude.  You are a divine mother in your own right.  May the blessings you bestow upon so many others be returned to you one thousand fold.

I am eternally grateful to you both for the opportunity to journey outside of “The Matrix”. The ceremony was several weeks ago and I am still reliving the experience, in total awe, and with tremendous gratitude. The medicine provided me with the ability to FINALLY connect with my spirit guides… something I have been attempting to achieve for years through guided meditations without success. To be able to connect with them and express the tremendous gratitude I feel for their guidance and support over the years had to be the most amazing experience of my life.  Prior to the ceremony, I had such a hard time being able to visualize things in my head. Since the ceremony, visualizing has no longer been a struggle for me. It’s been several weeks and it’s like I was gifted with the ability to visualize, like the medicine cleared some kind of blockage within me.  I was laying in bed the other night, meditating before bed, and had an amazing experience that felt much like the tail end of my last journey. I was being shown a group of natives, that were forging tools or creating something. I don’t know if it was a past life memory. I can’t explain where this vision came from but this type of thing has never happened to me before. After that vision passed, I experienced something much like what happened when I connected with my spirit guides during my journey. It went on for what seemed like a long time. I have no explanation for what’s been going on but I feel like I’ve leveled up in regard to being able to connect to higher energies and develop my spiritual gifts. This is something I have been working at for years, and now without effort, I’m having divine experiences. I can’t thank you enough and I’m looking forward to the next one ☺  XOXOXO


After my first ceremony with you, I woke up the next morning and my PTSD was gone.  Just....gone.  I had been living with it for so long and to just wake up and no longer have that burden with me was so unbelievable.  I am smiling so much as I write this to you.....just GONE!!!  Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much for the experience this weekend. I am so very blessed to have you as a friend, teacher, healer and fellow traveler on this journey we are on. I came into the ceremony vibrating higher than I ever have and you assisted in elevating it even higher. I felt bad for having to leave before hearing and sharing in the experience everyone had.   I was shown this fence I have to try and mend in my visions. This kid at work and I. Even though I have fear over expressing to him my desire to rectify our relationship I was going to face that fear head on today and do it. When I got to work he wasn’t there which is strange because he is usually always there. I opened my email and his father had died in a tragic car racing accident over the weekend so my reconciliation will have to wait. I will let go of the past and be the present he needs.   I really can’t express my appreciation through words but I am so very jouyous and humbled by the creator gifting your light to my mission in this earthly realm,whatever that may be.  I can not wait until the next time we meet and I will be bringing others.  Have a wonderful day, week, month , year and life. Until we see each other again.

I love the way  you see things during the journey and share them with me.  It really helps guide me.  You are very gifted, thank you!!

Your singing and intuitive abilities on knowing exactly what to sing and when are amazing and helped me enormously in my journey.

You are obviously much, much more that just a 'facilitator'........you give so much during ceremonies and it's obvious that next-level things are going on.  Thank you!



Thank you for checking in:) I am doing very well, i  have been much more happy than I have been in so so long it's wonderful, i have even had a beautiful conversation with my dad, everything is looking up, know that I now have a saving stash so I will be able to join you all again in another healing ceremony. I'm so excited for the future and everything it holds. I am so grateful for you helping me so much and I'm so thankful for the love you and Brian hold. I really hope to be able to do it again with you soon. If I could do this monthly I would totally do it.. Thank you for everything you have done, i love you forever and always. Xoxo 

I was burning up in ceremony and out of nowhere you came and sat by me and I felt a cool rush wash over me.  When I sat up and reached out for your hand I looked at you and I swear you were an ancient Hawaiian water goddess with the most incredible head dress on.  You just sat there holding my hand and I felt all of your love come rushing into me.......how did you know how to do that?  How did you know that is exactly what I needed in that moment?  You are absolutely beautiful and amazing, thank you so much for all that!!!

It has been the most intense integration back into my body that I have ever had after ceremony. Only today, am I starting to feel "safe" in my body meaning that I am starting to interact with objects more gracefully - ex. not dropping things, tripping etc. The work in my office has been profoundly enhanced and the deeper wisdom has been flowing strongly and those I am working with are receiving the strongest shifts ever. I am so grateful and truly being held in Amazement and Awe for Your and Sarah's intensity and devotion to our healing. My words are unable to grasp the depth of what I am experiencing, even now. So grateful, so blessed.


oh my gosh!!! I have continued to receive and it has been amazing!  The image I see in the mirror is still beautiful me, and I even feel different in my body. At first I was waiting for the body dysmorphia images to re- appear and they are gone. And the important thing is I let go of so much shame and attachment to how I look in the mirror. I have continued to release.  I really appreciate everything that my partner is. Letting go of control of that (which I never realized I had) has freed up so much of my energy and I am light.  My heart is so open and my children can feel it for sure! They feel the new songs that I am singing them about their heart and their light. They love it. I have stepped out of my pain body more and more each day.  I have received more message about my work in this lifetime, and I just feel light and free as I move about the earth.  I can feel everyone around me and it is an amazing feeling and I can feel that they also feel me.  The world looks so beautiful. I am noticing the magic in each day and in everyone.  In my job, I'm noticing that words flow when I'm with clients. Everything feels so easy and I am in appreciation of what this job has allowed for me to do and provide for my family. 

You are a true example to me D*** and I know my path was meant to cross yours.  Your love and your ability to be in the "corporate" world and also be such a powerful being in spiritual teaching and awakening has really allowed me to step out of expectation of what my journey stepping into the healer and teacher that I am should look like.  I know my path is unfolding for me perfectly and I not only know it, I feel it, which is all that matters. So much resistance has faded and it is so perfect.  I love you so much and I thank you for all that you are.  I'm excited to see you again












Thank you for checking up on me. I am definitely still getting insights from Friday's ceremony. I can't believe just how much crap I had been carrying around since the death of my husband 10 years ago. So now I am discovering the lightness of releasing all of that. On the flip side, I can now clearly see my self doubt that was lying underneath all of that bullshit. I have a hard time feeling deserving of celebration and recognition. I can't remember NOT being that way, even as a kid. And the more I process this last ceremony, the more I realize what work this is going to be to conquer. But at least now I can see it for what it is and I can focus on defeating it, and that is HUGE.  This was my fifth ceremony, and I have never felt like I got so much done in one night. I love your circles, and I have to thank you again for all you do.  Thank you for believing in me.

D***, you are waaaaaaay too modest.  Not only are you an amazing ceremony leader (I know you don't want people to call you a 'Shaman" ;)  you are truly one of those rare people doing this kind of work for all the right reasons.  I can't speak highly enough of what you're doing and how many people you are helping.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Last weekend changed my life. I feel so much more connected. <3  Once again I can definitely say that the medicine has raised my consciousness.

Yay! Also, due to my experience of being reborn and feeling like a child in some ways, I am now working on reprogramming myself in many ways.  It takes time, but it's so worth it.


Thanks again for facilitating and holding such a wonderful sacred space!! Both you and ***** made the experience go really well. I am looking forward to attending another sacred circle in the future. :-)












Since the ceremonies I have been able to feel pleasure again, which was missing from my life for much of the last few years. I have also made progress in resolving some chronic physical problems that I've been working on for years.  I never felt alone and I never felt infringed upon; the balance was remarkable.  Continuing the journey: At this point, I'm still enjoying the positive adjustments that the medicine brought to me. I'm also aware that everything is impermanent. I'm not concerned that I'll "lose" the gifts that Mother Ayahuasca brought, but I am consciously working to maintain them and wondering how long it might be before I am called to join another ceremony. I look forward to that day, but don't feel any rush to get there.

I want to thank, from my very core, everyone who brought their energy and intention to this experience. My deepest respect and love go to those that prepared the medicine and to our three facilitators. Thank you and blessings!

You and your facilitators were incredible.  You all  transmitted a feeling of welcome and relaxed joy. I immediately felt love for and from all of you, and gave us helpful instruction and description of some things to anticipate. Your relaxed, positive, present, and highly respectful energy seemed to put everyone at ease.

my time spent in ceremony was profound in soooooo many ways. There was confirmation and healing that took place the will benefit me, as well as those who I "brought" into prayer.   I am still processing the experience and most likely continue process as the month unfolds. Mother Aya has been kind to me and for a first time experience with the medicine, it has been life changing. My energy level is high since the weekend, and I continue to have mental clarity to this day. Spiritually, I have had multiple interactions with spirit coming into my life, and I am manifesting great opportunities relating to my new Reiki Master profession.

I would love to attend again.  It was such a special night.  I loved it and it was such an awesome experience!  Plus you are such an awesome energy of light!

The singing was amazing it  truly transported me and led me along into another dimension  where I witnessed past situations, saw where I had made errors and caused suffering not only for others but mainly for myself and I was able to forgive myself and others and move past the obstacles that were hindering my being able to move forward in my life.

Last weekend changed my life. I feel so much more connected.  Once again I can definitely say that the medicine has raised my consciousness! 

The blessings and insights are so beautifully abundant and im floored by the grace I received from ceremony. Everything has been just the way it needs to be. The goddess essence has a platform in my heart once again and im forever grateful. thank you for sharing your space with me and im excited to just keep growing from here!. You are truly a treasure and I cannot thank you enough for healing you have shared with me. Many blessings to you!!! 

My week has been quite a ride.  So much is shifting and changing.  I am definately different.  Thank you so much for everything!!

I have slowed down a bit since the ceremony.  I had another panic attack that Saturday night, and luckily have the tools I need to calm down.  It's weird.  I'm not a super anxious person. I struggle with depression, but rarely anxiety.  Since I stopped drinking, my depression is totally manageable.

 I look back at the weekend and realize how much I have to unpack.  I already feel lighter and I know this will be a turning point in my work .  You both were amazing.  If either of you have any insights into my journey, I would be thrilled to hear your thoughts.  I know many things are still popping up in my memory.  Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.  Lot's of love,

I want to thank you both so much , I have never felt so loved in my life.  I just sent in my resignation  this morning , so I am getting ready to start my new life, here we go .


I just do not know how to express my gratitude  for the love and trust that you and Bryan showed me I have never felt that in my life .

Words cannot begin to illustrate how grateful I am to you and the facilitators for last night. I saw how hard you worked to keep us all safe and protected and loved.  I'm still processing everything, and I know I'll keep learning more as the days go by, but the insights and lessons I learned through the ceremony are life altering. The things I thought for certain I'd see were non existent. I leaned that my deepest sadnesses come from something I experienced almost 30 years ago that I've been carrying around all of these years. I'm learning to forgive myself and let it go now. It's incredible how something you think you've dealt with you really haven't, and how that manifests itself in your life. I also learned that we really are all connected. There is a god, it's all of us. And we are love.  I saw so many things. As I process them, I'll share more. I'm still amazed that I was able to summon the animals to help me when I needed them. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and can confidently say I'm trying to be better me because of it.

Thank you so very much for facilitating the most exhilarating experience of my life!! I felt complete and perfect love and trust, indeed. And I have realized that Aya IS indeed still with me... I feel like I am in ceremony to this moment. Life is a ceremony as it turns out? I have been listening to Icaros, which feels grounding / freeing to me.

The visuals had to do again with being a kid. The fractals were like little kids toys and colorful things all moving around. And like I told you, I saw alien faces! Just the basic green faces but in that DMT world. Which was really neat!  I did see you as like an elderly (probably Native American) medicine woman with grey hair as you were singing. It was beautiful and I can tell you're doing the work you came here to do. <3  I gained this very carefree attitude during the ceremony. I grew up with such horrible self-esteem and was constantly micromanaging my every move. But in my journey, I kept coming back to that youthful freedom of "who cares". Which was a really big deal for me. Healing that inner child. Healing that ability to take up space and express myself freely.  After the ceremony, I held this lightness in body and spirit for a few days. Much more confidence in myself. And I also realized that so much of my mind chatter and recurring thinking patterns have gone away. I didn't even realize it at first, and this change has been so gentle but very powerful.  A few days ago, things kinda returned to being in a state of suffering. I fell back into old negative self-talk and was having really intense self-identity issues. Though I kept thinking that it's probably a test and a choice. A choice to let go of that and truly move on or choose suffering the way I have all my life. 

 I want to thank you and O***** for this beautiful Ceremony. I feel genuinely a core wound within me has been healed. I have a lightheartedness and joy in family and every day experiences that I have never experienced before.  New insights keep coming and I no longer feel that moving forward is a task, or a hard thing to do… But it’s just the next logical step in the path that I take. It’s just what I do and it’s no big deal!  Thank you again for sharing your space, love and medicine. This powerful super wolf moon Goddess Ceremony has provided such a deep healing and shown me how much beautiful work I have accomplished within myself.  Blessings, blessings and more blessings! 

Thank you for the great advise and yes I’m finding a little self compassion and accepting myself and faults makes it a little easier!!

Thank you again for everything! I have been able to gather my thoughts well.  The medicine definitely worked very powerfully with me but was all in my thoughts and mind.  I am completely happy and satisfied with the ceremony and experience and  I would love to have ceremony with you guys again in the coming months! 

Thank you for reaching out and checking up on me. I'm still processing my experience from Saturday, with awe and curiosity and growing understanding. It was such an amazing experience--from the sacred space created by you and B**** to the loving energy of our group. It truly was an amazing experience. I would love to return to you in the future for more healing, so please keep me updated on future circles. Thank you again for the magic and love you shared with me this past weekend. I have to say that as beautiful as my journey was, your presence and the courageous sharing of our group members made the overall experience even more meaningful and memorable. And B**** soup was fantastic! I look forward to our paths crossing again. :-) 

Thank you so much for having me. It really allowed me to work through some issues. I also, since the ceremony, have been completely free of my addiction to a maintenance drug called suboxone. I have absolutely no withdrawal and it is truly incredible. I realize now, some thing's I did wrong in regards to the ceremony. I also had some serious trust issues that I believe are now worked out. I plan to be back to see you guys very soon.  Thank you so much for everything. It's incredible what you guys are doing. You are helping so many people. Thank you. So much.

Thank you so much for the ceremony it was very powerful! So far I feel an overall happier state of being, and a more positive outlook on life. For the first time in a long time I can see hope and the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely brighter. My journey really focused on the importance of family and how fortunate I am to have the people close to me. I also had some past emotional trauma that resurfaced. A long and drawn out toxic relationship that ended a few years back has hung over me ever since and has been extremely hard to overcome. During my journey I allowed myself to forgive all aspects of that relationship but I feel like I need to participate in another ceremony to really dive in to those underlying layers. I'd love to come back, I truly enjoyed the experience and I couldn't have asked for more from the facilitators, you guys did an amazing job. Thanks again.

I have abstained from alcohol since our meeting and I’m finding it more and more motivating to continue. Also, I met with my very spiritual friend, who told me that she’s been waiting for me to ‘come around’. 😀.  I’ve been feeling fantastic and oddly....very light since our meeting. I pray this continues. 


I’m so blessed to have been a part of the ceremony last Friday and I appreciate knowing you’re just an email away. 

My story is very dark and bizzare, to say the least. It started with an unsuccessful suicide attempt on a motorcycle, then sobriety along with some hallucinations. then a period of extreme personal growth, during this time I experienced the presence of GOD and my faith was renewed and  I was strengthened. A few weeks later I began to have repressed/supressed memories emerge, then like a dam breaking the memories began to flood back, back from my childhood of this life, and other lives.  Honestly I feel sometimes like Im caught between this physical world and a spiritual one, I feel very lost at times because I have had these profound experiences that I don't really understand and yet I feel like I cant talk to anyone about because I know what Im saying sounds insane and I don't want anyone to think Ive finally gone schizo. I was wondering if you had anyone or a group that I could seek out that could possibly help me to understand what Ive been experiencing and how to get a handle on it. Once again thank you for everything!


Thank you so much for everything!!  I really thank you for that experience by far the best experience I've ever had in my life and I look forward to doing it again.

Thank you! I am honored to have been a part of such a wonderful experience. I realized in the midst of the journey that we were all connected. At first I did not see the meaning of having a group.  I found some profound truths this weekend that really help me establish my place in this universe, along with understanding of this universe itself.  I know now that I was not ready for all of the answers that I was seeking. I am glad that I decided to wait to open that portal.  I am inspired to one day travel to Peru and experience the journey where it originated, but for right now I am deeply satisfied with this experience.  I must tell you that you were all such wonderful facilitators. I loved the music, singing, and intuitive energy that you brought to the experience. Your energy was great, and the journey was perfect.

There was a part of the experience in which I felt intelligent beings healing two particular areas of my body. I saw a red orb being worked on on my root chakra and also some work being done on my left eye. I can attribute the root chakra work to my need for feeling more connected here on earth and secure, however I'm not sure what the left eye symbolized.  I think this ceremony was to give me a plan for life in regards to a career which will be fulfilling, a solution to my feelings of lack of meaning/purpose. I have also been left with a sharper perception of the kindness and good that exists right in front of my nose, something which I kind of tuned out from for a while.  Thank you again for reaching out and listening to that, it helps me process and integrate further :) And, you will most definitely see me again.

Thank you so much for taking care of me during the ceremony, you and your assistant were the angels.   It was a very memorable experience and until today I am still digesting. If I think of it now, I can't recall the images I saw, but it was very powerful. I think I have experienced something close to death, and it was scary too. And now I appreciate more on what I have - I am alive!  Sending you positive vibes and love,

I really love your energy and beautiful singing voice!!  It made my journey so amazing!  Thank you for the magic!

Thank You for the very kind follow up to your wonderful ceremony. In the days that followed, I found myself very grounded and motivated in my intentions. Thanks again for all that you give!

Honestly I don't ever remember feeling this good. Lol. I've been adhering to the dieta as well. Minus coffee.  I've really had no urge to drink at all. I think that realignment ayahuasca did really helped. When I feel an explosion of anger boiling up I just recognize it for what it is and then it quickly fades away. I also forgot to tell you a crazy thing that happened too. During ceremony I saw a good friend of mine in agony, turn into a stone statue and fade into a black abyss. I immediately called him on my drive home and he didn't answer. The next day he texted me how bad he was struggling with alcohol,extreme depression and life. He's getting some help now but thought that was a really weird connection.

I have been thinking of you both so much the last few days!  What you have done for me is life changing!  My journey was very chronological and I made it to about age 16/17.  I progressed more there in 2 days than I have in the last 30 years of therapy and Big Pharma.  I am eternally grateful for the work you do.  I will definitely return when I am called.  I really wanted more of the journey on Saturday, but that damn owl kept telling me I’d had enough and I need to sit with what I’d been given for awhile.  After a few days of reflection, I completely understand that I was given what I could handle.  D*** – you are a Goddess!

Just wanted to tell you how freaking amazing you and B**** are❤️ I am so incredibly grateful for the mind-blowing beautiful ceremonies that you facilitate. Mother aya has completely changed my whole life and these past two days provided the deep healing that I needed to accelerate my path and divine purpose in this lifetime.

 First and foremost I want to thank you and B*** for welcoming me to your center and treating me with love and kindness. You both are truly amazing beings.  After leaving your home I sat in a parking lot and just cried. It was a very emotional day. Since then I have been really connected with spirit to a point that I’m being shown different reflections in certain people who are not helping me achieve my higher purpose. I was told in a dream that the purpose of the ceremony was to validate what I was being told was real. I now have more work to do. I look forward to attending another ceremony sometime in the future. 

 I was honored to be there in ceremony with all of you. You guys are absolutely amazing! I can never thank you enough. Even though my 2nd ceremony was the most difficult thing I've ever been through, it was so eye opening. I know that the darkness that I experienced is all the emotions I never allowed myself to feel, that was the root of my over drinking. I've been through a lot mentally and emotionally over the last few years and I never deal with the feelings, I would just drink and smoke and pass out and never allow myself to feel it. During both ceremonies I had tears falling from my eyes the whole night. I knew I was releasing all that I've been holding back. I feel amazing, I'm so excited for the next opportunity to sit with you in ceremony again and dig deeper and work harder. Thank you 🙏

It’s been 5 months since I saw you, and I want you to know how thankful I am for you. Thank you for bringing healing to your community. You’ve changed my life, and I truly appreciate your spirit of service.

Thank you for checking in with me.  I'm continuing to have insights.  I realized some of my conditioned judgements were coming to the surface during ceremony.  It it interesting to step back and view them from a place of curiosity that has brought some great self-realization.  I know that my beautiful body experienced much needed healing ... I have less pain/inflammation in my shoulders and hips and the journey of being connected within my body, listening to wisdom cues specific for my body (rather than All of the information outside of me) is becoming increasingly clear.  I'm thankful to be led to Aya and to the community of wonderful people!  Thank you for Being present, providing safe environment.  

L*** and I sat with the lovely D*** this past Fri evening in an all women’s ceremony with the “Mother”.  It was very powerful and soo beautiful to bring in that Divine feminine energy as a collective and experience D*** amazing voice and music.  She holds impeccable space and wisdom with her work and it literally feels like she trans.  We really appreciate the small group size of 10 ppl  and we felt safe, cared for, loved and watched over by Demi and her assistant.  Truly a transcendent experience.

The Goddess Weekend was nothing short of remarkable. The healing and insights that I experienced during the ceremonies and even still are truly palpable, I am deeply humbled and immensely grateful to have shared such a beautiful heart opening experience with such powerful women like yourself. I made such wonderful  connections and beautiful memories that I will cherish forever. D*** thank you for sharing your beautiful gift, facilitating such a beautiful event and creating sacred space for each of us with Mother Aya.  I have always felt a deep connection with Mother Earth, during this weekend I was able to experience her more deeply. Her love, her pain and her grace. Mother whispered “silence the mind and soul will speak” she helped me see that as women our power is life. I was able to dig deep down and really process the pain of having had multiple abortions in my early twenties. I now know that I have been so numbed and disconnected from them that I never realized the deep rooted pain that these selective abortions had created in my being, pain that I have carried with me for over a decade.  I understand everything so clearly now. Thank You D***, I feel so blessed to have had my first Aya ceremony with you. Sending you so much Love and so much Light, I’m certain that we will see each other again soon. 


I just want o say how GRATEFUL I am to you and B for providing the journey and being there for me when I was with the medicine. I am staying conscious of the lessons mother helped with and at the same time not letting people bulldoze me with questions. My experience, so I only share how it helped and not necessarily what I saw and felt.Yes, I looked into the mantis, most things were about them being healers and literally them doing surgery. I never felt scared with the mantis. The experience was unlike anything I felt before and I wasn't letting go of control, hence why the intensity. I see that now. 

Thank u guys to much, the love that fills my heart was non-existent before my journey and I'm so glad I was able to connect with the love and care you and B give. Thank u...